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1-1102 Rm1-1002, Building 1-3, Wai Hai Zhong Yang Garden, No.29716 Jing Shi Road, Huaiyin District,

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Jinan Joy Bright Industry Co., ltd is the overseas department of Shandong Qilu Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Website:,Ltd, the company locate in Shandong province which is heavy industry place in China, nearly 20 years developing, we are now in the top class in China Hydraulic Concrete Brick Machine industry, products sold in the whole China and exported to South Africa,Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uzbekistam, Russia, India, Malaysia Ect. Nearly 20 coutries, with best quality and perfect after sale service Qilu Hydraulic Machinery now become one of the most famous and reliable brand in China.

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