• lathe machining-lathe processing China

lathe machining-lathe processing China

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lathe machining-lathe processing China -ZhunFeng Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is located in Yongjun Road of Jinzhou District,Dalian, was founded in 2010, professional engaged in sheet metal , riveting welding and laser cutting processing. Having 8*4 metres bending machine, 160 tons * 4 meters shearing machine, Large floor type boring machine, CNC lathe, Machining center, CNC Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM, EDM machine tool, Electric welder, Two oxygen welding machine, Argon arc welder, Plasma cutting machine, 15000W laser cutting machine, 425 type sawing machine, 80 tons punching machine ect ,total more than 60 devices.The annual production and processing capacity is 300000 pieces. The company perennial provide riveting processing, laser cutting services for Dalian Port Group, Intel, YKK, TDK and other well-known enterprises . Business scope: Sheet metal processing, Riveting processing, Laser cutting processing, Machining, Plate Cutting , Bending, Argon arc welding, Welding copper, Welding aluminum, Titanium alloy welding, Various types of white steel products, Sheet Metal Parts China, Laser Cutting China, China machining factory, Thin plate electronic control cabinet products, Connectors, Stainless steel products, China welding, China machining, Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding products, Dust cover, Distribution box, Equipment shell, Frame welding, Structural parts and so on.

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ZhunFeng Heavy Industry Co Ltd.

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-411-39201835
  • Contact:GuJudy(Accounting)
  • Last Active:15 July 2019

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