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YuLi(YH100-500 B) equipment machine 20090616

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  • Origin:Made In China
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Features Specifications:YuLi(YH100-500 B) equipment machine 20090616

To produce 400x400x 60(mm) road-brim stones and dab the bricks with different pictures with multi-colored road-surface bricks. Use liquid-pressure transmission, integrated gas-road with high extent of automation, little noise an easy to operate. our factory acts precisely on “first quality, first reputation, first customer”, setting “reputation is more important than products, satisfaction of our customers is our final aim” as selling concept. by far, our products have been sold around the country with reputable credits of customers. they are of great value to our customers ,be beneficial to manufacturers and cost-lessening for constructor. they are your first choice in cemented-products producing profession and your ideal products for beautifying roads, city construction, protecting-environment and wall-materials innovation.

Company Information

Gongyi Yuli Municipal Engineering Machinery Plant Export Dept.

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0371-64380052
  • Contact:camillazhao(Other)
  • Last Active:17 July 2009

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